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Time and time again I see plenty of amazing stories and well written content on social media – but the accompanying photos are [if I have to be honest] just not that great. In my career, I’ve worked with a variety of photographers and videographers on lifestyle, event, head-shot and product shoots. I’ve prepared briefs and worked with them at the shoot to ensure they get exactly what I (or my client) needed.

A good idea before you hire any photographer or videographer for your project (event, lifestyle shoot, head-shots, flat-lay – you name it) is to write out a plan and create a solid brief to ensure you get all the pics, video and content you need.

Why? It means that you and your photographer understand the requirements (and the photographer can quote you accordingly), and you get exactly what you’re after.

Whenever I work with a photographer, I create a brief in advance, and give to my photographer with a Dropbox/google drive folder of example photo ideas at least a week before the shoot, so we can hit the ground running on shoot day!

Now, I’ve talked about the above on my social before, so I thought it was about time to really give you some guidance & advice when working with photographers. So I asked Liane Bourke, Melbourne birth (family and business) photographer some questions [she also gave you an exclusive download “4 things to consider for your business photo-shoot” (check it out at the bottom on this post).

What should businesses ask for when inquiring about a business photo-shoot?

My advice here would be to make sure you are clear on what you will receive in exchange for your money. Some photographers have a free session and charge per image, other photographers have something along the lines of ‘you’ll get 50 images for $X’ Its good to know upfront what your final cost will be.

Read the testimonials (or better yet, if a friend has done a shoot with this particular photographer reach out and ask them what they thought)

I’d also ask whether they can send you both high-resolution and web-sized files for easy social media sharing. That way you can use the high-res files on your website and the web-sized for your socials.

Why would you recommend a service (and product) based business get a photo-shoot done?

I think given that almost everyone has a camera on their phone its easy to forget that photography is an art. There really is so much more that goes into it than just pressing that button. Hiring a professional photographer can help you in crafting the way you want your brand to show up in the world. If you’re a service based business a photo-shoot gives your potential clients an insight into what it might be like working with you. They can show your personality and your values. Of course this is true for a product based business too with the added benefit of clients seeing your products.

How would you recommend a business use their photos on their social media?

I feel like you might be better placed to answer this one Ali, but the beauty of a photo-shoot is that you’ll have a bank of images to draw on. Personally, whenever I think of a story/anecdote that I want to share on social media I put it on a trello board so that next time I go to post I can just choose my caption and then check the bank for a relevant photo and voila!

Some photos also have a real ‘caption this!’ vibe so they can be fun to play with too.

Think about what you want to portray – whats coming up in your world this season? Do you need pics of you in scarves, snuggly vibes with hot chocolate? Do you need content for International Womens Day? Your business’ birthday? An industry award day? Planning for whats coming up with make these events a breeze.

Its great having these photos to create consistency across your brand. By using the same profile pic on your FB, IG, Pinterest etc it helps people to identify you easily. Consistency will help with your know, like,trust factor.

Also, pictures don’t need to be a one time thing you can repost older photos with new captions.

What’s the difference between a branded photo-shoot and head shots?

Head-shots tend to be head and shoulders only – its the sort of thing you’d use for your Linkedin profile. A branded photo-shoot would generally include a head-shot but also includes so much more. It can include props, pictures of your products, or for example if you’re a personal stylist you could include photos of you chatting to a client or standing next to a rack of clothes inspecting an outfit – you get the idea.

A branded photo-shoot really tells more of the story. I know a photo-shoot might seem like a big expense (and it is, don’t get me wrong), particularly if your business is new but remember that its a way in which you’re automating your business. It will save you so much time having images to draw on and you can better use your skills and natural talents. It also works well if your outsourcing your socials because your social media manager will love you for providing relevant brand images.

Now… it’s FREE download time!

Liane has kindly gifted a FREE guide, “4 things to consider for your business photoshoot”, simply pop in your details below to receive your FREE two-page guide right to your inbox!

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