Why you shouldn’t use linktree – and what to use instead.

 In Society State

When linktr.ee hit the social scene here in Australia 2016/17 – we all raised our phones in celebration at not having to change our link in our bio everytime we wanted to change our call-to-action in our Instagram captions.

So what if I told you that you shouldn’t use linktr.ee or linkin.bio or one of those other service providers?

Let’s unpack a few reasons why you shouldn’t use Linktr.ee:

❌ Branding: Ideally, the first ‘connection’ to your brand + business should be your website. If someone finds you via social media, after that it still should be your website to promote yourself and provide less clicks to get onto your website (the aim of the game from Instagram) – not the free Linktr.ee page which prioritises linktr.ee over your own business.

Plus, when you use linktr.ee, it isn’t your own URL, for example https://linktr.ee/societystate – this takes away from your branding!

❌ Website tracking: You cannot track the free version of Linktr.ee correctly (it comes up as a referral “Linktr.ee” not “social media” in Google analytics. If you do not do anything, your visitors coming through Linktree will be in the Acquisition > Referral > Linktree.com category. These visitors come from Instagram! They should be in Acquisition > Social > Instagram.

❌ Lack of security + SEO : Linktr.ee links could be banned and/or marked as spam by Instagram without warning.

Plus, for every time a person clicks the link in your Instagram bio – it is a missed opportunity to visit your own website and boost your own website page ranking. By using linktree, you are giving away this ranking to them instead.

OK…. let’s look at what you should do instead:

Now, there are two options,

  1. Opt for a paid version of Linktr.ee and use the UTM parameters so you can better understand where your website traffic is coming from (more info here)
  2. My personal favourite, create your own landing page on your website if you have access to your website CMS (back-end).

So, my suggestion is to set up a website landing page on your own website and add your links in there, just like I’ve done below. This is a much more reliable and professional option for you that allows you to track data for your business, track conversions, set up Facebook Pixels for each link and retarget people who click and more.

Why should you do this?

✅ Improved branding: You can quickly see below, just how much better the landing page is for my own website on the right, my own fonts, colours and a photo too!

✅ Lead gathering: By creating your own landing page, you can gather leads straight away by inserting your email subscribe capture form.

✅ Improved Reporting: Clear Google Analytics reporting that clearly identifies traffic through your website from Instagram.

✅ It’s free: Creating your own landing page on your own website is free, compared to $72/year for Linktr.ee pro


You can quickly and easily create your custom Instagram landing page just by creating a new page on your already existing website, add your links and mini-bio, optimize it for mobile, style it to match your brand and you are good to go!

If you’d like some help achieving this for your own website, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help out!

Remember, no point of contact in your business is too small. It’s important to make sure you are taking full advantage of every marketing opportunity available to you and your Instagram link in your bio is absolutely no exception.


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