Stop Boosting Facebook Posts! Here’s what to do instead.

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Amplifying your already performing social media content to get more reach, more website traffic (and ideally more sales) is what makes sense with Facebook’s handy ‘boost’ or ‘promote’ buttons, but I’m here tell you why you need to stop boosting Facebook posts and teach you how to run Facebook & Instagram advertising properly.

It’s tempting, right? Boosting a Facebook post or ‘Promoting’ an Instagram post… especially if you get this little message “This post is doing better than 90% of your recent posts. Promote it to reach a wider audience”. Facebook and Instagram make it ‘easy’ for you to advertise on the platforms, you just hit that blue ‘Boost’ button (on Facebook) or ‘Promote’ button (on Instagram) allocate a few dollars and you’ll get more sales right?  Wrong! 🙅‍♀️

stop boosting facebook post

It’s time to stop boosting!

When you boost or promote a post, what is happening is, you’re paying to promote a specific post, paying for post engagement or reach – you’re basically saying  “Hey, come and look at this pretty, shiny thing! / “Comment on my post please!”

It’s easy to be tempted, but I’m here to explain why you need to stop pushing those buttons and jump into Facebook Ads Manager instead. But before I do, I’m going to explain the difference between a boosted post and using Ads Manager.

Boosting/ Promoting a post:

  • Your content (posts) are reach or engagement-based. You are limited to either paying for post engagement (likes, comments + shares) or reach – not conversions. Promoting an Instagram post allows you to direct people to your profile, your website or Direct Messages.
  • Your content / Ads can’t be optimised for sales
  • Has limited placement  (feed only)
  • You have limited budget + timing options (eg. Instagram Promoted posts have 2-30 delivery window and $2 – $1000/daily budget)
  • Your audience targeting is limited. (locations, interests, and ages). This means you can’t use target your ‘warm’ audiences, cold only
  • Creative is limited, you can only use existing social posts and your action button choices are limited
  • Your campaigns are limited – your ad reaches one audience at a time

Using Ads Manager to promote your content/ deliver ads:

By using Facebook Ads Manager, your options to promote your existing social media content and/or create ads from scratch is

  • More targeted campaign objectives. If you want to drive leads, you can use native lead forms. Want sales? Set up conversion objective campaigns…. there are so many options!
  • You have full budgeting options (daily / lifetime budgets, and optimising your budget at campaign or adset level) and more timing options
  • You have full control over ad placement: there are multiple options mobile and desktop; audience network, newsfeed and right column, stories
  • Ability to target custom audiences (based on website pixel data, social media account engagement, etc)
  • Ability to create lookalike audiences based on your owned data
  • A/B (split) testing
  • You can choose from a variety of different ad creative options (eg images, video, Instant Experience, Carousel etc.) and you can create ads from scratch or use your existing social media posts
  • You can track your spend, reporting and Return on Investment in one dashboard

What you need to do instead:

While boosted posts can offer a quick fix to reach more people, if you instead spend around 15 minutes to head on over to Ads Manager, set up a specific campaign based on your exact campaign objectives, you’ll maximise your return on ad spend (ROAS). Here’s my quick guide on how to get started with Ads Manager and running your own campaigns:

1️⃣ Create a Business Manager account and in it an Ad Account along with a Facebook Pixel.

2️⃣ Install the Facebook Pixel on your website to start collecting data.

3️⃣ Create audiences you can retarget (custom audiences based on your pixel, email list or social media engagement audiences).

4️⃣ Set up campaigns based on the outcome. For example, if you want sales, set up a Conversion campaign. Looking to drive people to your site, opt for a Traffic campaign. Create your audiences and then Ad creative.

5️⃣ Review your campaigns in the Ads Manager Dashboard, and check out those results!

Need help getting started?

Download my Free Guide to Facebook Ads.

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