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Our Social Media Advertising services are affordable and results-driven. We help connect your business to a targeted audience base, generating results (leads / sales) for your services/ products.

Using paid social (together with your existing marketing strategy) Society State will work with you to grow your ‘society state’ -reaching more of your dream customers, grow your community and increase sales.  We’ll work closely with your team to develop custom campaign strategies (built from multiple years experience, testing and refining), manage your campaigns and proving ongoing reporting and analysis.

The Society State Method

Using our proven audience mapping matrix mapping and Ad Campaign Framework, we manage campaigns to maximise return-on-ad spend, all while sticking to your Ad budget. We use a step-bystep approach to ensure we can scale your campaigns to maximise your conversion value.

Society State Facebook & Instagram Ads Management Client Princples

Social Ads Management Client Princples

  • Your business must have proven client/customer results, and already be selling your product or service. These results don’t have to be from cold traffic however this would be preferable.
  • Your business must be investing in quality photography and/or videography to ensure ad creative is optimised.
  • Your business must have a minimum conversion rate of 2% (prior to commencing Facebook Ads)

Our Terms of Service

  • Our Management fees start at $1500 per month – regardless of ad spend. We are a boutique agency who work with a select group of clients to ensure you receive the attention your business deserves.
  • A set-up fee applies, and be paid prior to Ads delivering. The exact amount will be determined by individual client requirements.
  • We require a minimum 3-month commitment to working with us. After 3-months (Initial Period) services will continue on month-to-month basis unless completed or terminated by either party by at least 30 days notice in writing, such notice is not to be given during the Initial Period.
  • We cannot guarantee results – there are just too many variables at play, that are outside our control. Which is why you must meet our client principles above – as we are most successful in this situation.

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Ready to take the next step?

If you meet the requirements and agree to the above – and would like more information, please select a time for a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit for one another.

You’ll also receive a Portfolio of Case Studies and Price Guide for our Ads Management services once booked to review prior to our call.

Book a Discovery Call:

Currently we are at capacity for Ads Management. Please fill in the form to let me know if you’d like to be waitlisted for a 30-minute strategy call.

Ready to take the next step?

If you meet the requirements, agree to the above & would like to request a Portfolio of Case Studies and Price Guide for our Ads Management services, please fill in the form.

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    Praise from our Social Ad Management Clients

    We have been beyond blessed to have had an incredible business journey with Ali from Society State who joined our business over 18 months ago as a Senior Social Media Strategist specialising in Facebook Advertising. Whilst Ali was in house at F+N we experienced a tremendous growth period thanks to Ali’s in-depth knowledge & well executed FB advertising strategy. Each and every campaign was well thought through, diving deep into areas we had never experimented with before. Thus, delivering results which allowed us to increase budget spend month after month.


    It’s been a beautiful transition seeing Ali move away from the juggle of part time work whilst growing her own business, to now working full time in Society State. Whilst we miss seeing Ali’s beautiful big smile at HQ, we are very fortunate to now officially call us one of Ali’s very own clients. Congratulations Ali & we know our growing business is in very safe hands with you going above and beyond servicing all areas of our FB Marketing. For me personally, Ali is only ever a phone call, text or email away and WOW that girl is lightning fast on prompt replies and detailed reporting of analytics on both a weekly and monthly basis. Putting my mind at ease knowing our marketing budgets are being spent wisely, with high ROI.


    Alison Long, Owner Feather & Noise

    Thank you Ali! I’m 100% sure you’re the reason that my stress levels are down right now…I can’t thank you enough Ali. You’ve saved my business, and my life. Thank you!

    Sarah, Olieve + Olie

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