Facebook Ads Fundamentals Workshop


“This is a fabulous way to learn not only how to set up your Facebook campaigns but also how best to structure it and set up your audiences. Plus you get lots of tips and tricks that you won’t find anywhere else! I would highly recommend this course”. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Are you looking to grow traffic to your website, increase leads and conversions? Facebook Advertising can definitely help. But… if you’re hitting that ‘boost’ button – I’m afraid to say, you’re basically throwing your money down the drain!

This Workshop is for you if you’ve dabbled in Facebook Advertising – or want to *seriously* start – but you are not sure what to do next. You want to feel confident in understanding exactly how the Ads Manager platform works, understand how Facebook Advertising can work for your business from a strategy side of things. Plus you want to know how to manage your own Facebook Ads, understand the results, and improve.

  • When: Thursday 23rd July + Thursday 30th July (delivered over two sessions)
  • Time: 10am – 12noon
  • Location: The comfort of your home. Join me in our virtual zoom classroom.
  • Recommended: You have Facebook Business Manager set-up (including setting up a Facebook Ad account in Business Manager) and Pixel installed on your website in advance of this workshop.

Upon booking, you will receive a calendar booking link to book the first workshop session.

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These workshops are intimate and more importantly, hands-on. You’ll finish this workshop with at least one Facebook Ad campaign set up!

What is covered:

Part 1 

  • The benefits of Social Advertising
  • What is Business Manager + FB Ads Manager? A  deep dive into the world of pixels, custom conversions, audience management and campaign set up
  • Building your own audiences
  • How to set-up a Facebook campaign: What are campaign objectives, ad sets, and ads?
  • Facebook Ads creative requirements (specs/recommendations)
  • Building your own audiences (custom audiences, the retargeting website traffic + how to reach new customers!)
  • Advertising Strategy + Sales Funnels 101 – and applying them to your business
  • Homework: Build out your own audience matrix using my matrix template.

Part 2 

  • Budgeting
  • Strategies for success
  • Optimisation + Testing
  • Worksheet: Developing + optimizing your own campaign strategy
  • Campaigns in Action: Practical – here we go!
  • Analysis + Reporting
  • BONUS Cheat Sheet: Ad Hacks, Tips and tricks
  • BONUS Checklist: Before you ‘publish’ a campaign


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