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From the amount of Facebook Ads Audits I’ve done for clients and the amount of Business Manager accounts I’ve sorted out – I know first hand just how confused you must be about what Business Manager, Facebook Ads Manager and pixels do – and what the heck you need to do to set them up.

It’s often this tech hurdle that stops businesses like yours from starting Ads, because it’s just too tricky – but once this is done, setting up actual ad campaigns is easy as! #justmagic

Now, this is one of the services that form just a small part of a Facebook Ads Audit, and of course a mandatory for my Ads Management clients – so I thought it was time to offer this as a stand-alone service, so you can get your ads up and running!

This is amazing value, because not only do you get Business Manager set up, but everything connected in the one place, your pixel optimised, and my special bonus to you… setting up a bunch of custom, lookalike and saved audiences (with an Audience matrix delivered to your inbox) so you know who to advertise to. Also includes is a fully mapped out 1 x month Paid Social Strategy & 3 x custom Ad examples.

Booking process: Please allow 2-3 weeks “delivery”.*Important Note: We will need the passwords for your personal Facebook account connected to your Facebook page and your Instagram account so we can link your Facebook page and Ad account to your new Business Manager account. You’ll need to have Admin access – plus that page can’t already be owned by another Business Manager. 

Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

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What you’ll get: 

  • Set up a new Business Manager Account, locate your pixel (if you have one), Ad account, Facebook page and Instagram account and get them all bundled together [connected] in the one Business Manager account.
  • Install your Facebook Pixel onto your website (if it’s not already there – and if it is, ensure it’s set up properly)
  • Ensure your Standard Events are set up, along with Custom Conversions
  • Set up a bunch of custom, lookalike and saved audiences + give you an Audience matrix so you know who to advertise to!
  • Mapped out 1 month Paid Social Strategy & 3 x custom Ad examples
  • Optional extra: Catalog set up for e-commerce stores



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