My takeaways from Revie Jane’s Purpose Tour

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Earlier this year I went to Revie Jane’s Purpose Tour event.

I’ve been a long-time follower of Revie’s having followed her early business journey, as owner of CrossFit Babes Miami – a world first, female-only CrossFit gym on the Sunshine Coast.

Since then, Revie Jane has transformed herself into an influencer, entrepreneur, speaker and online fitness trainer. She is a Mum of two, loves a workout, blogs and is often out-and-about on speaking gigs.
My friend, Bianca and I dressed up and went along on a Sunday afternoon in May to see what Revie had to say. I didn’t know what to expect, other than to hear the purpose behind Revie today – her journey, her business and her personal growth.

This post summarises my thoughts & reflections on Revie’s Purpose Tour:


“Failure is a detour – can be a catalyst for heading in the right direction or a different direction”.

Revie spoke about failure, in both her personal and professional journey. As a business owner, there are always going to be ‘failures’ but it’s choosing what to do with that feeling that will set you up for future success.

Revie spoke about “not sitting in failure” – not dwelling on it, and instead “leaning into the direction of what feels right” – and I couldn’t agree more! Sometimes we’re scared to go with our gut feeling, relying on stats, figures and facts. But more often than not, our heart and gut will know the true direction we have to go


Revie has been a big believer of self-confidence and self-love, having come from a place where she initially struggled with self-confidence, it’s something she instill’s in her girls each day and practices self-love in the form of positive affirmations, eating healthy, ‘me time’ and moving her body.

She says that “self-confidence is not being cocky” it’s believing in yourself and your abilities, and knowing you can make a change.

Something that really resonated with me was “When you ask others for validation, you are searching for love – and you first need it from yourself”. Social media tends to set us up (daily) for this kind of validation, vanity metrics and all. I honestly didn’t think that I believed in this [needing validation], but as someone who uses social media every day for work – this test that Instagram is currently doing (removed the number of visible likes on posts) has definitely helped with this feeling of validation and performance (for me anyway).

The idea of asking others for validation also comes through in how you hold yourself – in your workplace, in your social circles – and online.

On Influencer Marketing

Revie has a following of 196k on her Instagram account. It’s something that she admitted has come organically, and at the end of the day, her aim is still to help others – for women to cook efficiently and feel better in their skin and their bodies.

Her tips for influencers:

  • Find what you love
  • Be organic
  • Aim to help others, add value

Revie said about being an influencer is that you don’t start being defined with others say about you. Her number one tip, “If you wouldn’t share it with your best friend, don’t share it with your community”.

“You’ve got to protect your community – respect and love. Yes, it’s business – but show integrity and people will love you for that”.

It was an important reminder that not all influencers are the same, and when it comes to influencer marketing – to choose influencers who align carefully with your brand and consider their audience as a starting point.

It was a surprising and humbling event – and loved what I learned. It was also a nice reminder that influencers are people too – and you never know what goes on behind the scenes.

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