Is my business ready for (Meta) Facebook Ads

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Stepping into the world of Meta (Facebook & Instagram) advertising can be a daunting one. Especially WHEN your business should start putting budget behind Meta Advertising.

Let’s talk about Timing

Unfortunately, this answer is going to be different for every business. We get plenty of enquiries from business owners who are ready (for reasons we’ll discuss below), and quite a few more who unfortunately just aren’t ready to start – so we share resources and a checklist with them so they can work towards getting everything in place so they can get started.

We wanted to share some of the points you need to think about before commencing Facebook and Instagram advertising for your business.

How do we know that your business is ready?

Here are some of the factors you should think about before starting Meta Ads:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

⚡ You have an established and growing online (social) presence. This ensures that your business has an established and already engaged community. You can then use Facebook Ads to retarget to this community, create similar (lookalike) audiences to target, as well as build some brand loyalty, community & trust on socials – so that when potential new customers do discover your brand via advertising, it looks like you’ve got an established and trusted brand.

⚡ Your brand has a clear business strategy and marketing strategy. Having an established plan will allow for your brand to know exactly how Facebook and/or Instagram Advertising will help to achieve your business goals, and fit within your overall marketing strategy.

⚡ Facebook Ads is predominantly successful in business with at least a few months of operating as they have a tested /proven business model. That means, if you’ve got an ecommerce store, your store is converting at around 2-3% already. Facebook Ads unfortunately can’t fix a sinking ship. This method is not exclusive to product businesses alone this also goes for service providers & e-commerce businesses.

⚡ As a business, your customers should be a community you are continuously wishing to keep and expand. Therefore, the purpose of your Facebook ads should be wanting to expand your customers while simultaneously retargeting your existing community

⚡ When you’ve got funds to allocate to Facebook ads. Meta (Facebook and Instagram) ads are an investment, with lots of time, money & resources being invested into running them. We talk more about understanding your profit margins, marketing budget and how much to allocate to ads in our workbook. We get asked often “How much do I need to budget to Meta Ads?”, long story, short – we recommend at least $1000 per month to build out a full advertising funnel. On top of budget, there’s also time and resources – from you or your team in liasing with an agency, creating and developing ad content, approving ad copy/creative and strategy and more.

Want to know more?


We have available a FREE workbook that specialises in managing Facebook Ads. You’ll learn a series of management techniques, including:

🛍️ How to develop the Marketing Foundations you’ll need to have established in your business. Plus what their role in supporting your businesses goals are.

🛍️ The relationship between your website (e-commerce or service-based) and social media, particularly what it should ‘look’ and ‘feel’ like.

🛍️ The importance of a pixel, particularly what is and why you need to be tracking.

🛍️ Why you need to work out who your dream customer really is. For, as soon as you have your target audience defined and ready to go, you can establish the best way to target them!

🛍️ Establishing Getting your copy and creatives sorted.

Timing is always a tricky part of life, especially with business, so to help you see if the timing is right for you, make sure you get your hands on this FREE Ad Ready Guide ➡️ right here.

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