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Before getting into some Instagram hacks – and best ways to increase your engagement and reach. Let’s get into why your business should be on Instagram.

According to CBC, Instagram has 400million daily users of Instagram Stories (compared to Snapchat which has 191million daily users). More often than not – your audience (and your potential customers) are going to be on Instagram. For some businesses Instagram might not be the best channel for you (eg. Recruiters should stick to LinkedIn and Facebook, along with Twitter) – but there are definitely principles that can applied to other social media channels.

Now, with Instagram (and any other social media channel for that matter), it’s important to remember that everyone consumes content differently. Some prefer great photos, others prefer video. Some watch Instagram stories first when they open the app, others go straight to the feed. It’s important to remember this when creating content for your Instagram profiles – and don’t miss getting your message out to 50% of your audience.

Watch my Facebook Live as I talk about Instagram Story Hacks, or read the below:


Instagram Story Hacks:

Let’s look at the basics. Instagram Stories last for 24hours, and are 15sec clips or grabs. Instagram Stories are a great opportunity to humanise your business offering and add personality to your brand and business. You can test ideas (polls, ask questions, offer discount codes etc). It’s also an opportunity to drive traffic to your website (via the swipe up function) or back to your feed (by sharing your own post).

Let’s take a look at a few thought starters & tips on getting the post out of Instagram Stories:

  • Think about stories as programming like a TV show rather than just posting: Is there similar content you could be posting each day/week/month (new product drops, daily/weekly tips etc). Start up a feature – and save them into a longer video and add to your IGTV channel or highlights so they can be seen outside of the 24hour window.
  • Instagram Stories & IGTV should be considered a mini-channel/sub division of Instagram and have their own dedicated content and channel strategy. “Schedule: content into your overall content plan, set reminders on your phone etc to capture and share content at those scheduled times so it feels fresh.
  • Get creative: Use the inbuilt functions – emojis, text, stickers and GIFs to add humour, personality, summarise (add text if people are watching without sound), and have fun with your stories.
  • Use stories to drive traffic back to your feed (by using the “share post” function in your feed), or IGTV – but linking your IGTV video.
  • Apps can help: you get even more creative. Use apps like “Cut Story” to trim down longer video into 15sec interviews, add animated text using “Hype Type” or use “Unfold” to make creative and clever stories. The options are endless.
  • Expand your reach using geotag and hashtags.

Not sure how to use Instagram’s built-in features? Here’s a few more ideas and suggestions:

  • Use the colour picker to customise your font colours and hold down on the font colour picker to get custom colours to match your branding.
  • Make a coloured background to add text: Take a snap, select the pen toll and colour and then hold down the pen on the screen to fill the screen.
  • Change font size/pen size: Use the slider on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Change sticker colours/style (eg. Days of the week) by tapping on the sticker.
  • Want to add a translucent wash over an image? Use the chisel tip pen (with desired colour) and hold it down over and image.

Content Ideas for Instagram Stories and IGTV

There are a number of different ways you can use Instagram Stories and IGTV based on your business. The idea behind these platforms are to share “in the moment” content (Insta Stories), and a little more produced/evergreen and longer form content – IGTV.

Let’s take a look at Instagram Stories content ideas:

  • Behind the scenes action in your business – it might be order packing, how a product is made, information about your service/ how you work with clients.
  • Share the ‘not perfect’ moments of your business that don’t look ‘good enough’ for your Instagram feed.
  • Share a day in the life of one of your co-workers – show off your team and their skills.
  • Showcase the personality of your brand & business – what story do you have to tell?
  • Invite influencers to do takeovers to reach a new audience and mix up your content.
  • Sneak peeks of upcoming product release to invite pre-orders and build excitement.
  • Encourage interaction: Ask questions, add polls and ask for feedback.

How do you use Instagram Stories and IGTV?

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