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Instagram just keeps on changing, and now with it automatically places your IGTV video straight into your feed. Here’s how to make this work for your business on Instagram and read on to find IGTV content ideas to get you started.

But first, let’s look at how this all came about…

IGTV was launched in June 2018 and it’s struggled to get the traction that Instagram wants. The standalone app has been performing poorly – the standalone IGTV app is currently ranked so low in Apple’s App Store, it doesn’t even appear in Apple’s rankings of the top iOS apps! (Source: Techcrunch) So Instagram users aren’t using the IGTV app, but mobile consumption of video is at an all time high (Instagrammers watched 60% more video at June 2018 compared to the year prior), so why isn’t IGTV working? Is it because the format is different (portrait versus the ‘traditional’ format of landscape footage), because users are already using Youtube or Snapchat, or because it’s not ‘normal’ to share longer format content on Instagram?

Instagram’s solution to getting IGTV to work? Adding a 1-minute preview to your Instagram feed automatically (the ‘Post a Preview’ option is automatically turned on).

Now I first talked about this in my own IGTV ‘episode’ which you can watch here (or click the image below):

society state IGTV

How does the new IGTV to feed function work?

  1. You upload a video in your IGTV channel via your Instagram app.
  2. You choose a title, add a cover and description.
  3. You can toggle on/off the “Post a Preview” option – if you select yes (blue), a one minute video preview will appear in your feed, where viewers will be able to tap the video and watch the FULL video in your IGTV channel.

Other key information:

  • The thumbnail of the video visible in your FEED is the COVER you uploaded on IGTV. Choose a cover that fits with the look of your Instagram feed (I made a template + upload to planoly to see how it will look)
  • The caption that automatically appears in your FEED is the TITLE that you wrote for your IGTV video.
  • If people comment from your feed, the comments will show under your IGTV video too (and vice-versa).⠀

How businesses can use IGTV to their advantage, and keep IGTV in their feed.

Remember your audience + their pain points/ problems when uploading longer content to your IGTV. Think about IGTV as a stand alone app and have a content strategy for it also. It’s also important to remember, this content will be classified more as ‘evergreen content’, unlike Instagram stories – there isn’t a time limit. So think about uploading content that is going to have longevity + help your viewers in some way.

Alternatively, if you don’t want it to appear on your feed…

Simply upload directly through the IGTV app, or toggle the option off when you upload through Instagram.

IGTV content ideas

I’ve previously posted a whole bunch of Instagram story and IGTV hacks over here – but if you’re after more ideas of what to post on IGTV here’s a few more:

Retail businesses:

  • How to: use this product, style this product
  • Tour of your store (bricks & mortar), or office (ecommerce store)
  • Behind the scenes: product teasers and releases, time lapse of pieces being handmade (if you hand make your products)
  • Influencers: long form interviews, shoot days

Service businesses:

  • Interviews with industry experts, clients or users of your service
  • How to: based on your industry it could be “how to write the perfect Instagram bio”, “how to edit your email signature”, “how to book a class/ session”
  • Q & A: answering common questions – an extension of your website FAQs essentially
  • Tips & tricks – design, how to do something

Creative, Home + Design Industry:

  • Real estate: home walk through, agent introduction, suburb overview
  • Studio open day/ tour
  • Reveal video (eg. Renovation/ interior design). Edit before/after video + walk through finished design
  • Artist Interview
  • How to: style a couch, style a bed, prepare your home for sale,

Health & Fitness Industry:

  • How to: perform exercises, make a smoothie, recipe
  • Influencer: Interviews, workouts
  • Behind the scenes: photo shoot day, “a day in the life” or “workout of the day”
  • Products: product round up, new releases, recipes, functionality

Fashion Industry:

  • Collection focused: Eg. Basics to wear throughout the year, Dresses for Summer, New Arrivals.
  • Behind the scenes interviews: with collection designers, or a walk-through with a stylist, photo shoot
  • Influencer content: Interviews with influencers, it might be longer form content where influencers try on products, photoshoot day
  • How to: How to organise your wardrobe, How to style with a belt, etc.

Some other tips for IGTV:

  • Add call to action to your title so it encourages people to move off the feed to IGTV to watch the full video
  • Use the ‘description’ section to your advantage – add a description, a link to your website or resource (these are clickable), add hashtags as well.
  • Use screen casts to capture content filmed on your computer
  • Film content on your camera (portrait view) to get professional looking content.

Now before I leave, I wanted to give you a little freebie!

Get your FREE IGTV cover template:

You can download my FREE cover template here.

Got a question about IGTV? Let me know in the comments, or send me an email, or message on Instagram.



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