Growing a Blog – Social Media Case Study Month 1

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Growing a Health & Fitness Blog: A Social Media Case Study – Month 1

I’m bringing you a *live* case study (a year long one) to see just what my skills can do to build a blog’s readership, community and social engagement. This will be a little side-project, something for fun that I’ll work on with limited time + capacity (after all I have this business, my clients and a part-time job too).⠀⠀

For a little backstory, I’ve had a health and fitness blog “North of Here” for around 5 years. ?‍♀️?? It’s always been a hobby, and still is. It’s been a great way to connect with like-minded individuals, test out fun fitness gear and products and keep myself a little more accountable with my own health and well-being. For the past couple of years (as I worked in the fitness industry) I slacked off. To give you an example, last year [for the whole year] I only wrote 5 blog posts.?

So…. I thought what better time than a New Year to give the ‘ol blog a little love – and get my own butt into gear! ;)

Let’s see where it all started…

I kicked off this project un-officially at the start of the year by naturally posting more content to the Instagram page, it wasn’t until the middle of the month I decided to turn this into a little experiment/ challenge – when I did a Facebook Live announcing the project. I thought adding this ‘experiment’ would be another layer of accountability to the project.

In January I was finding my rhythm – what kind of content was going to work, what felt ‘natural’ to share too. That was a big thing for me for this project going forward, yes it’s going to be an avenue to share more content, collaborate with brands and events, sponsored content – but I want this to not just look like another paid blog, I want it to be an extension of myself, and my health & well-being journey too.

If you feel like watching the Facebook live and my intentions for this project, watch it now:

January in review:

For the month of January it was definitely a slow start. Unfortunately, I didn’t blog as much as I’d like, but I did do one blog post in January which was better than none! It was a post about 2019 goal setting which I thought was a nice way to re-introduce myself and my plans for the year, and also post about a Notepad I received from Workshopand – which I must say, has not only helped me plan my running goals for 2019 – but made my business day so much more productive!  (FYI – The post has received 11 page views for the month)

On socials I only posted 13 times on my Instagram and 3 on Facebook (and realised only towards the end of the month my Facebook page was still ‘unpublished!’ WHOOPS! I did start doing more Instagram stories though which have been getting great engagement and reach – which goes to show that social media isn’t just about your feed!

Below you’ll see a screen shot from my planoly account for North of Here – where I’ll schedule more content going forward. At this stage, I’m using this as a baseline – to see how much I can improve, but it’s good to see quote tiles getting engagement, and as time goes on it will be interesting to see what kind of other content trends there are.

North of Here instagram
When it came to connections on Instagram, I used it to connect with fellow runners on Instagram after I had met them in person at my weekly running group (The Running Company Yarraville) and it was a great way to cheer each other on. It was great to reconnect with Instagram friends who I hadn’t spoken to (through my neglected North of Here) account for so long!

In regard to actual website traffic, it is down compared to 2018 – and of course it would, it’s practically had zero love for around 18 months, with most traffic coming from search traffic! Compared to January 2018, users and sessions were down 60%. Like with social, I am using January as a baseline to see how much I can grow this blog baby over the next 12 months.

 Lessons learned & going forward…

In February I plan on sharing four new blog posts and getting into a routine of sharing content daily on Instagram to drive traffic and start scheduling in content on Facebook (sharing old blog post – and new ones) to bring website traffic back up again.

It will be interesting to see how much ‘blogging’ has changed from when I first started North of Here. Gone are the days of blogging, commenting on blogs, reading them on feedly and having blogging buddies or going to blogging conferences (I went to Problogger in 2015 I think!). I’ll definitely be employing my honed social skills to attempt to drive traffic and interest from my socials to the blog, however use social media as a way to connect with others, meet new people and try new things.

I also need to expand the reach of my account on Instagram to try and connect with new people and find new readers. I’ll be doing this by using hashtags on stories and my feed content, as well as engagement and outreach.

So for February:

  • Schedule content in advance on Facebook – share old and new content
  • Spend more time on Instagram connecting with others
  • Gather lists of new hashtag sets to use on feed content
  • Prepare a weekly content plan for Instagram – this is the account I will be mainly posting ‘on the fly’, it feels natural to do this and I want to see how it goes.
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