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Almost every week I have a discussion with someone about online advertising – how it works, how can I help their business and what they need to do to get started.

Late last year I was contacted by the gorgeous Kate Emiley to chat about Facebook Ads. We had a great chat talking about why they are important, tips for business owners, benefits of managing yourself versus outsourcing and more. You can catch the interview on Kate’s Youtube channel:

If you’re not so keen on watching the video, I’ve summarised it – along with a few bonus tips below, I’m call it… “Facebook Ads 101: Where to start?”

Why are Facebook Ads so important for business growth online?

Typically today, more and more people are spending time on social media. 80% of consumers use social media, with a typical Facebook user spending 10 hours on the platform a week!* Gone are the days where we have to sit through advertisements on TV.

Did you know? Almost two-thirds of users (63%) check in to social media while watching television*.

The way we consume ads have changed – newspapers & magazines are online, radio is being taken over by podcasts, TV – “what TV” say hello to netflix and no ads!

Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter – and you could argue Youtube) act as an extension of your website – and an even better way to educate potential customers about your products/services, build trust & credibility, share your brand story, warm up your audience, converse with your fans & followers – have a two way conversion – and finally promote your products/services.

Businesses are finding it harder and harder thanks to algorithms and just the sheer volume of people ‘on’ social media to reach their audiences.

So, one of the reasons you should try out Facebook/ Instagram advertising is because your audience is already using those platforms, it’s targeted and measurable. You can’t get that with traditional print, radio, outdoor ads!

What are the most common things you’re seeing businesses do wrong when it comes to Facebook ads?

There are four areas that I find common among businesses I come across:

  1.  Boosting ads – If you’re pressing the ‘boost’ button on a post you’re not optimising for sales or website traffic. You’re basically telling Facebook to show that content to more people (reach + impressions).
  2. Forgetting about the rest of their marketing – so many businesses think that Facebook Advertising is the winning solution to their conversion problem. WRONG. Facebook Advertising only works if there are a number of marketing activities working together towards the same objective. According to the Yellow 2018 Social Media Report, “33% of us check out a brand’s social media presence before making our first online purchase from them”* Think about your website, SEO, Google Adwords, organic social media…. the list goes on. It pays to have a solid social media strategy, your landing pages and website are functioning properly and you’re considering all elements of the marketing mix for your Facebook Ad campaigns to be effective.
  3. Not understanding audiences – and where they sit in sales funnel. This part is so important and is one of THE BIGGEST FAIL’s when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Delivering your ads to the wrong audience, or worse – delivering the wrong content to the wrong audience. You can’t expect someone who has never heard of your brand to buy straight away can you?
  4. Running too many advertisments – take a look at your ad frequency rate (at a campaign and ad set level). You may be running too many ads to the same audience. A 2018 yellow report found that people unfollow brands on social media due to irrelevant, excessive content or too many ads – so be wary of over advertising using Facebook Ads / promotional on your social media!

What’s the process you go through when it comes to organising Facebook ads for a client?

When it comes to managing a business’s Facebook Advertising it’s more of a laborious exercise than what clients believe…

  1. Onboarding: my clients fill in a questionnaire, I meet with client to better understanding business and goals, gather imagery work out copy, understand their branding and look at other areas of marketing that may need improving to assist with Facebook Ads results etc.
  2. Permissions granted, competitor and industry research, setting up pixel/ events firing correctly, catalogue, custom conversions + strategy going forward
  3. Facebook Ads management & set up – this is where I manage it all.
  4. Monthly meeting to determine goals – set up and manage
  5. Monthly reporting

What are your 5 top tips for business owners doing their own Facebook ads?

  1. Optimise your website first, test landing pages + get a solid social media strategy.
  2. Know your social funnel + where you audience fits.
  3. Invest in some 1:1 coaching/training / set up and optimise your audiences first
  4. Make the most of your custom audiences and warm audience
  5. Invest in good photography/videography or someone to assist with ad creative if you need help!

Now, I’ll get onto the part what most of you most likely came here to check out….

But where do I start?

It’s a 6 step process, and involves more time (and resources) than you actually think. Most business I get come to me a week before they need action from any advertising – in reality, if they’ve been ‘managing’ their advertising themselves prior, this is unfortunately too late. Why do I need time? To set up Facebook Ads manager, understand your business, get access to resources, create campaign creative, understanding, test and manage audiences – and this all comes before any results can actually happen.

So, here’s my step-by-step process:

  1. Get a clear handle on your marketing goals & objectives > this will help inform a clear path of what you want your Facebook Ads to achieve.
  2. Check if you’ve got imagery, creative and branding sorted – a good library and a willingness to invest in video is a good place to start
  3. Get a clear understanding of your target audience, your current customer base, gather lists
  4. Set up Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager (bonus tip: check the time zone, you can’t change this later and helps with scheduling!)
  5. Ensure your Facebook Pixel is installed correctly and you have any custom conversions set up correctly to make sure you can measure the success of your Facebook Ads
  6. Set up your ad campaigns (adsets and ads) using the information above. If it helps, I use a document to lay out my audiences, campaigns and ad copy to ensure I’m getting everything correct.

Need other resources?

Got a question? Let me know and send me a DM on socials, or comment below.



*Source: Yellow Social Media Report 2018

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