Who is Society State?

We drive action + building connection using paid social for authentic brands.


Society State is owned and operated by Facebook Ads Specialist & Digital Strategist, Ali Wheeler.

With over 12 year’s experience as a generalist and digital marketer, working in-house for a range of businesses including Australian beauty-care brand Natio, the Territory Insurance Office, Sole Motive (the brand behind Run Melbourne) and more, Ali has developed extensive experience creating and implementing solid marketing strategies.

Over the past five years, Ali has focused her experience on digital marketing and Facebook Advertising, falling in love with an ever-changing digital landscape and the results-driven advertising platform.

Society State was founded in 2017 by Ali , after reaching a point in her career where she knew her skills, knowledge and advice could have a BIGGER impact working with a variety of authentic and unique brands. Today, Society State offers a ‘no fuss’ approach, delivering honest digital marketing advice and strategic services to help your business build an engaged community, all while maximising sales and business growth.

We work with a select group of clients to ensure that every client has our utmost attention, and we can build their ‘Society State’ [aka community] and get the best results possible.

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Our Values

Hate maths / Love reporting!

I’ll measure (the right stuff) to ensure you’re spending money on the metrics that count – to get the results you want.

No bulls&%$

I don’t hide behind ‘fluffy strategy’ or copied + pasted strategies. I get down to business for your business and produce proven results.

The Thinker

I am a strategic thinker. I have an eye for detail and take a considered, holistic approach to your digital strategy.

Bouncing off the walls

Want someone who works with energy and intensity? We love high intensity workouts as much as high intensity marketing!

Unique as you.

There are thousands of stars in the sky – but each one is different. Your business is unique, and your digital strategy should be too!

An ear for an ear

I’ll listen and support you as much as you need to be an understanding, caring, but strategic businesses mentor.

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