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Driving Action + Building Connection.

Society State drives action using digital marketing to build an engaged community for your brand.

Who is Society State?

Social Media & Digital Strategy Consultant, Ali Wheeler.

Society State is based in the inner-west of Melbourne. I specialise in providing strategic and honest social media marketing services, social media coaching, consulting, social media management and strategy for service and product based businesses.

I take an honest, no fuss approach to delivering strategic digital services to help your business build your brand, awareness, sales (or whatever “growth” looks like for you).

What does that mean? I develop easy to understand strategic plans for you to take action, write proposals that make sense – I don’t hide behind “fluffy strategy”. I just get down to business for your business and produce results.

I don’t outsource tasks to third parties, and I’d like to think of myself as an extension of your team – welcoming feedback & understanding that digital marketing is an integral part of your company’s business.

I work hard with a select group of clients to ensure that I understand every business has the ability to build their community & “Society State”.

Society State stands for:

Bouncing off the walls

Want someone who works with energy and intensity? We love high intensity workouts as much as high intensity marketing!

An ear for an ear

We’ll listen and support you as much as you need and be your businesses.

We're Thinkers

While we product results without stuffing around, we have an eye for detail and take a considered approach.

No bulls&%$

We don’t hide behind “fluffy strategy”. We get down to business for your business and produce results.

Hate maths - Love reporting!

We’ll measure (the right stuff) to ensure you’re spending money on the stuff that counts.

Unique as a diamond.

Unique as a diamond. Your business is unique, and a digital strategy should be too!

Custom Social Media Strategy

""Ali was hands down amazing to work with. Her knowledge and skills she can bring are next to nothing, clear and concise communication and just easy to talk to about anything do with socials.""


Murray River Holiday Park

Facebook Ads Audit + Workshop

""Ali has made our transition into ‘clued on’ ads with social media easy and understanding. We are already seeing results and cannot wait for what else we can bring. I can’t thank Ali enough for her patience and understanding with my lack of knowledge regarding this topic, and no question was too much for her!""


Limestone Coast Sleep School

Facebook Ads Audit + Workshop

""Alison provided a thorough and professional audit on the Facebook advertising for my client. She assessed all of our ads to date and provided a great summary of steps to improve our targeting and performance at an important sales time (Christmas). Her understanding of Facebook is excellent and I’d highly recommend her businesses if you want to audit, improve or manage your Facebook advertising.”"



Facebook Ads Management

"Ali is fantastic to work with! As someone new to the world of Facebook Ads, it's been great to have Ali help us implement a clear plan. Ali has shared her ideas and helped create content & copy - all of which we've needed. I'm extremely happy with what we've achieved working together and with the success of our ads. "


Owner, Babs Bodycare

Facebook Ads Management

"Her thorough approach and sound knowledge of the Facebook adverts platform has meant Sole Motive has been able to maximise our relatively small budgets."


Brand & Strategy, Sole Motive

"I found her work to be outstanding and on point for the market we were targeting, but the most impressive thing for me was how organised and professional she was."

Peter Fadelli

Director, Time Out Fitness

A Consultant's Life...

Hi, I’m Ali Wheeler. After 10 years working with brands to build their own business, I thought it was about time I built my own. Here’s an insight into my working week.

As a social media consultant I live the consultant life currently working from my home office with my two Italian greyhounds to keep me company. I’ll choose a chai latte over an espresso nine times out of ten, and happily exercise most days (gotta find time for self-care).

Having a good eye for design is a bonus when working in marketing, and I draw on my experience & visual communication and design studies daily.

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to find out more about how I work, who I work with, marketing tips and tricks and more…



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