6 questions you need to ask your next Facebook Ads Manager

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The 6 critical questions you need to ask your next Facebook Ads Manager before you hire them.

Just because an agency/ freelancer looks the goods doesn’t mean they’re qualified for the job. (The truth hurts!) As a Facebook Ads Manager myself there are certain questions I know I should be asking, and the research I should be doing before working with a client – to make sure that I’m going to be able to achieve the best results possible – and my client will be getting value out of this business relationship.

Recently I’ve been made aware of some questionable management tactics of certain ‘specialists’ and… to be honest, hearing this makes my blood boil. From not providing understandable reporting, to publishing ads before the content & creative is approved. This kind of behaviour, in my professional opinion is just not on!

So instead of getting angry – I’m sharing what I do know, in hope that this information can help other businesses. Here are 6 critical questions you need to ask your next Social Ads Manager before you hire them, along with the ideal response / scenario :

1️⃣ How long have you been running Facebook Ads and What type of businesses have you worked with?

Experience can be beneficial, and references, testimonials or previous client results can be helpful – especially if they’ve worked with businesses of your type before. What you’re looking for here, is that they ideally have some kind of experience in your product/ service offering.

For example if you’re an e-commerce business, and the Ads Manager has only worked with service-based providers. Now is your opportunity to ask Agencies or Managers if they have testimonials, case studies or a portfolio to share.

2️⃣ What qualifications/ training do you have?

Ideally your Ads Manager will have some kind of education and/or training in marketing, digital marketing, communications or specifically Facebook Advertising – however in my opinion it’s not necessarily required. Digital Marketing is such a fast-paced industry, sometimes education and training is just not up to date. Here, experience counts – as does their previous client results.

I would ask if they are a Facebook Agency Partner, or a Facebook Blueprint certification – again not a requirement, but can be helpful.

3️⃣ What is your process for running, testing & reporting Ads?

Here I would ask what is included in their management, do they build a strategy, how often and what is included in their reporting? How are the reports delivered? I would look for a manager who has open lines of communication, is open about explaining metrics and results in a manner that you can understand, and look for an agency or manager that doesn’t just ‘set and forget’ their campaigns.

4️⃣ What is included in your Management package?

Agencies or freelancers will charge differently – some charge a flat fee (typical if you’re spending less that $5-10k per month), others will charge a percentage of ad spend, you may also incur set up fees.

Either way you should request a breakdown of what’s included in your management fee and a proposal – clearly outling inclusions in your package. Some things to think about: set up fees (eg Facebook Pixel/ Catalog), copywriting & creative inclusions, # campaign funnels / ad set up, research, reporting (how often/ what does it look like) etc.

5️⃣ Will you run ads through my own Business Manager Account?

You are the owner of your business, so you have the right to own your pixel (your website + customer data) and your Ad account. Double check the Ads Manager or Agency will set up your Ads in your own Business Manager and Ad Account, and that your pixel is owned by your Business Manager account.

6️⃣ What will you need from me to manage ads successfully?

Initially, your Manager will request content – video and photos, product information, updates about your business, access to your Google Analytics, information about your audiences, access to your e-commerce store. Ongoing, the best kind of business relationships I’ve found with clients – is considering me an extension of their team. Letting me know about product updates, changes to sales pages, information about upcoming sales – all of this information, your Ads Manager should use to optimise your Ads strategy.

Additionally, something you need to consider is that Facebook & Instagram Advertising is just one piece of your marketing plan. An Ads Manager’s role is to increase your brand awareness, drive traffic and optimise sales. A “good” Ads Manager will be working with you (depending on their level of service) to get the best outcomes for your business – that means they may be generating traffic, and interest – but sales are not occurring. This could mean something on your website, sales page, your product imagery, website experience or product offering (eg. Free Shipping over $xx) might need adjusting.

And before I go, here’s 3 red flags for agencies:

🚩 Be wary of agencies who try to sign you up for more than three months – yes it takes time to test, learn, research and refine, but locking you in for 12 or even 6 months is scary!

🚩 Be careful of specialists who aren’t willing to explain terminology to you or make you feel dumb. Any professional should be willing to help you explain results for you in a way you understand, their methodology if requested and not using jargon you don’t understand.

🚩 They make specific returns/ guarantees for return on your ads. There are so many variables when it comes to Facebook Ads performance, and you can’t expect results to fall squarely on Facebook Advertising.


I hope this blog post has been helpful for you if you’re about to embark on outsourcing your Facebook Advertising. Good luck!

If you’re not sure if your business is ready, or want to make sure it is by the time you contact an Agency for a quote, I encourage you to download this Ad Ready Workbook – a 10 page guide covering the step-by-step process we spend with new management clients, and during our Ads Audit process to get a business ready for Facebook Ads.

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