3 Things to Stop Doing in Meta Ads Manager

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3 things to stop doing in meta ads manager (and what to do instead). 🙅‍♀️

We get it, slow consumer demand has kicked off 2024, along with increased economic pressures thanks to interest rates – economist predict softer growth in January-June this year, before finishing the year stronger.

So, it’s understandable businesses are feeling the pinch, and starting to properly assess where their marketing budgets are really going – and if they’re getting the results they are really after.

It’s time to not only assess your overall marketing plans and budgets – but if you’re managing your own ads…

Don’t just set & and forget, take our approach and get strategic in your ad spend with this handy guide:

3 Things you should stop doing in Ads Manager!

1️⃣ Boosting Posts

🗑️ Stop Boosting Posts: It’s time to stop putting $10, $50, $100 (or more) dollars towards boosting your Instagram and Facebook Posts. They’re really not set up properly to ensure you’re reaching the right audience, being targeted in your delivery or strategic in the setup. Often you’re more than likely paying for a brand awareness style campaign rather than what you’re really after – SALES!

🚀 Run Strategic Campaigns: We recommend setting up manual campaigns based on your objectives, audience targeting and ad creative – built from data-led decision making and consumer information.

2️⃣ Running only ASC (Advantage+) style campaigns

🗑️ Stop running only ASC style campaigns – they’re limited in their audience targeting and require a high level of diversification with your ad creatives. Meta may make it seem easy by automating a heap – however these should be treated as BAU style campaigns because of their limitations including analysing audience data, no placement control.

🚀 Run Strategic Campaigns: Run these alongside your ASC campaigns to ensure you’re hitting other levels of your funnel, reaching your business goals and testing audience targeting.

3️⃣ Leaving Advantage+ Creative On

🗑️ Stop leaving Advantage+ Creative On: After adding in your ad creative, many people skip by the step after you upload your ad creative… but don’t skip this part. Most of the time, we will toggle off these automations as they affect the overall look of your ads in their placement.

🚀 Turn off relevant Advantage+ Creative Optimisations: Familiarise yourself with each of these, and toggle off individual ones, or all based on your preferred look.

We would love to know if you’re guilting of doing any of these and/or if you found this post helpful?

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