2020 year in review and my 2021 Goals

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I’ve never written one of these posts before, well maybe in my health/ fitness blogging days. But never from a business perspective.

Let’s get real for a moment. 2020 was hard – for many of us, for a variety of reasons. The year started with a punch in the guts with devastating bushfires (that impacted the region I grew up – safe to say, those fires felt very close to home), then the pandemic hit. Which we all hoped would be short lived… little did we know, us Melbournians being in some kind of lockdown for months on end.

2020 was hard. But we made it through. Writing this blog post and reviewing my year has been quite a healing process. I’ve broken my review into a couple of sections, firstly looking back and then looking forward and my goals for 2021.

What did I do & How did I feel in 2020?


The year didn’t start as I planned. My Dad had been fighting the fires near Corryong, and the fires were close enough to home to worry about my family and the community I grew up in. Working felt strange and I couldn’t think straight, let alone ‘set goals’ and plan for the year ahead. So I just put one foot in front of the other and kept on walking (so to speak!)

At the end of January my husband and I took a holiday to Noosa. As beautiful as it was (it was the place where we got married) and we relaxed, there were days I needed to get client work done, and the anxiety I felt by having to get that work done in a cafe in a short period of time was not good at all. It was definitely a bit of a wake up call about my work/life balance – and actually how far “off” that balance actually was!

Sometime during 2019, I had reached a point in this business where I’d been turning down work because I didn’t have the time or capacity (I was still working part-time at Feather & Noise), I loved my part-time job and the team – but I also felt like I was doing the wrong thing by turning away potential clients and projects.


So, by early 2020 I knew it was time to take the leap. The leap into full-time business ownership, and by late March it happened.

And the next week, because of COVID, Melbourne went into our first lockdown. Quietly I was shitting myself – what a horrible time to go all-in on a business! #whatwasithinking

Everyone was thinking the same, and it was so so horrible to watch businesses I knew close their doors, small business suffering and loosing clients. But on the flip side, I am so so grateful to my existing clients who dug in their heels and we made it through. Without them, Society State would not be here.


Unfortunately, there was no job keeper here for me – but my email inbox was overflowing with enquiries and I was booking Ads Audits and signing new clients… which meant >>

Within six weeks of going full-time I hired my first team member! Wahoo! Having someone else to chat to (on zoom mind you), and bounce ideas off was fantastic!

May – August

Then in May & July I held my first online Facebook Ads Workshops – which were successful, and have been turned into my (soon to be released) online course!

Winter was a blur. Hard lockdowns, zoom workouts, zoom meetings, work, work, work, dog walks and date nights at home – much of the same really.


By September I was ready to hire again, this time hiring a Social Media Coordinator, Jake – and having him start has honestly been fantastic! His copywriting is clever, and a breath of fresh air and he’s taken a weight off my shoulders.

And then my (personal) world came crashing down… my Mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She has had treatment, and is OK. She caught it early #thankgod – all because of a regular Breast Screen. So if you’re due for one – go book in. Like now!

October – December

But it didn’t stop there, in October we found out my family dog had bone cancer and only a few month’s to live. He is now resting in doggy heaven.

By the end of the year, I was done. There were months I was overbooking projects because I could (what else was there to do!?) I was absolutely spent. I needed a break, so I blocked out my calendar – allowing me to ease into the holiday season, without feeling overwhelmed or stressed with a backlog of projects to work on or client work to complete, and pre-plan for the New Year.

Overall 2020 saw my revenue increase by 116% and my expenses 98% – which looking back – blows my mind! To have grown my business that much, during a pandemic, makes me super proud!

In 2021, I want to be

In a nutshell, I want to feel less anxious and feeling like I’m chasing my tail. 2020 was a huge year of growth for Society State, and for myself – building my team, niching down my product offering, trying out new things (hello workshops!). But most weeks were busy enough with client work, busy enough to make me feel anxious and stressed – but not busy enough that I had to work nights and weekends. Which was great – and in some respects, my ‘rule’ when I started full time in March was that I wouldn’t work weekends or nights unless it was urgent.

While client work kept my income coming in and growing, my business wasn’t growing in the right direction – there were so many times I wanted to work “on” my business, but client work always came first.

On a more personal note, like many of you, I felt we were all life buoys bobbing in the ocean – not sailing along getting from point A to point B. This year, I intend to be focused.

That means, for client work it’s getting it done to the best of my ability, supporting them in their business journey. Then when it comes to working on my business – definitely more of it, structuring time to complete tasks – and making them a habit.

Personally, I want to spend more time with friends and family. Last year, not being able to see them sucked. So this year – scheduling in more catch-ups, more trips, and quality time with my husband too.

This year I want to feel fitter. Again, last year was very much a ‘keep moving’, walk the dogs, and exercise when you can kind of year. This year, it will be more structured and I have some goals around internal health & wellbeing, fitness (running goals) as well as weight goals.

I want to take advantage of owning my own business and travelling (fingers crossed Covid) when I can, catch up with friends and family more – and go out and explore Melbourne too!

Having spent 2.5 weeks on holidays over the Christmas holidays, with only a few check-ins for client ads, I’m feeling refreshed. I want that feeling more often.

I want to feel calm and I want to be positive and more upbeat.

I am a Goal Getter and my 2021 goals are…

  • Grow my business in revenue by 70%
  • Run a Half Marathon
  • Read 10 books in 2021
  • Save $10k
  • Spend more time with friends & family

And I will reach those goals by doing…

So… how could I create those feelings? What do I want more or less of? What can I do? What do I want to work toward? Here’s my list…

+ Move 10k steps per day (I have Elise Blaha’s tracker keeping me accountable)
+ Stop scrolling and start reading – always start with reading.
+ Say Yes to more invites.
+ Reach out to friends and family more – push the limits of my introverted & comfortable behaviours
+ No client work on weekends – full stop
+ Visit 2 x friends interstate
+ Launch my online FB Ads Course
+ Refine my service offering
+ Upskill to expand my product offering
+ Book a date night/ experience 1 x month

Reach for the moon

… because even if you fall short, you’ll land among the stars.

That’s going to be my motto for this year. Because it’s good to aim high, I always find setting goals (big or small) makes me so much more accountable and motivated. So this year, I encourage you to do what feels right for you.

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